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About us

Al Alya Company for Import and Export

It is one of the leading companies in Egypt ,In the export of fresh vegetables , fruits and medical herbs . Our company's products are of high quality. We provide you the required quantity as soon as possible, Our prices are not comparable to other prices. We have fruit and vegetable processing plants With the latest technology, For your satisfaction and be in the best appearance. We distribute our products in Arab Countries also in European countries. enabling us to deliver the full range of products that are purchased, processed and distributed freshly on a daily basis and delivered to customers at home and abroad. Thanks to our cooperation with us


Provide the required product with the highest quality and lowest price to suit the international markets.


In order to become one of the best companies working in this field we have to be trustworthy by exporting a product that is identical to international markets.

We Al Alya Company know exactly what you want
All our products meet the European standard specifications.
We choose the best agricultural places in Egypt to bring the best types of vegetables and fruits in terms of quality and taste like :-
Mango from ISMAILIA
*Cherry tomatoes, grapes and Peache from Alexandria Desert Farms
*Tomatoes, olives and medicinal herbs from Fayoum
*Strawberries from Badr Center in Tahrir