Al Alya For Export

Our Market

Our unique location in the centre of the globe, helps in delivering our products to all markets
easily and quickly.

Our Factory

Our factory is equipped with the latest machine technology and most sophisticated lab – testing equipment, operated by highly trained experts.

Our Experience

We have an experienced and professional working team, who works hardly to assure the best quality.

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Alalya Herbs is a trading Egyptian company, based in Giza, located
in the The In northern Egypt.

Medicinal Herbs

Herbs and Spices

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* Ordering from us means ordering directly from the grower.

* Humans deserve the best quality food that nature has to offer.

* at an attractive price and under the most ideal conditions

Alalya Herbs Company for Import and Export

It is one of the leading companies in Egypt ,In the export of fresh vegetables , fruits and medical herbs . Our company's products are of high quality. We provide you the required quantity as soon as possible, Our prices are not comparable to other prices.
We have fruit and vegetable processing plants With the latest technology, For your satisfaction and be in the best appearance.
We distribute our products in Arab Countries also in European countries.

enabling us to deliver the full range of products that are purchased, processed and distributed freshly on a daily basis and delivered to customers at home and abroad.

We believe that caring about our environment is to care about our future which in turn ensures success today and for future generations.