Al Alya For Export

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions : Important Shipping Information : 1. Our main port of loading is Alexandria, EGYPT or any other appropriate ports according to client specifications.
2. Shipment of seeds take approximately 5-10 days.
3. Shipment of dry leaves and flowers take approximately 10-15 days.
4. All orders are automatically based on FOB – we do however look for the best CFR and CIF prices for assisting clients .
Sampling And Certification Terms : 1. In case you require samples, inform your courier of our address, send us the courier number and we will prepare the samples.
2. SGS supervision , foreign mix test, visual quality, number of bags or box, loading the container upon request - followed by a SGS report.
3. Any additional certifications or tests it will be at the buyer's expense.
4. Ability to host a representative at our factory who would like to attend the processing and packing.
Payment Terms : 1. A contract must be signed between El Nada and the potential buyer.
2. All orders are processed according to the signed contract terms.